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Hacksmith Industries

We take fictional ideas from movies, video games & comics, and make real working prototypes!

I quit my full-time job as an engineer and product developer to make only the coolest inventions -- just for you guys -- right here on NOnet. We show the engineering process of making our projects to inspire others into STEM fields, and to show that anything is possible with science!

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  1. Aidan Target

    Aidan Target

    23 timer siden

    Could you try and make a Star Wars pistol

  2. NotTheRealK9


    23 timer siden

    Name a more iconic duo

  3. Personal Jesus

    Personal Jesus

    Dag siden

    Need to make a welding helmet like this!

  4. Aaron Wilson

    Aaron Wilson

    Dag siden

    Thats gotta real hurt bad. Enough to make a Canadian cuss.

  5. Ouwes Debouwes

    Ouwes Debouwes

    Dag siden

    please don't use make up dude, this is a nerdy channel skip the superficial BS



    Dag siden

    You should make some mr.freeze weapons

  7. Himel Ahmed

    Himel Ahmed

    Dag siden

    That's only a pressured air to a pointed area

  8. Sammy


    Dag siden

    Can you make something in 30 minutes

  9. God of imagination Zay

    God of imagination Zay

    Dag siden

    An you make a rc hydroelectric boat with plasma fuel?

  10. Maclord


    Dag siden

    Hacksmith + Mrbeast in 2069: Today we made a black hole powered spaceship that flies at the speed of light and has lasercannons that are 617362 times stronger than the sun

  11. Steve Adeff

    Steve Adeff

    Dag siden

    was there any thoughts of actually engineering this thing? like using science and math to figure out the best ratios of the volumes, the gasses, and the exhaust port? I feel like with some real engineering this thing could actually be impressive.

  12. 1061shot


    Dag siden

    Would love to see u shoot a ballistic gell dummy with human hair.

  13. Nicholas Janse Van Rensburg

    Nicholas Janse Van Rensburg

    Dag siden

    I won't be surprised if we see this in the military

  14. Maddox Gould

    Maddox Gould

    Dag siden

    that thing looks like an atom bomb or some kind of bio weapon

  15. 1061shot


    Dag siden

    Pretty sure this device got yall on a "list"

  16. Crystal Ortiz

    Crystal Ortiz

    Dag siden

    Can u make the Redeemer from dead by daylight

  17. Tanner W

    Tanner W

    Dag siden

    You should build an even bigger and more powerful one and also you needed to replace the cone to project the blast forward better

  18. 𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐲


    Dag siden


  19. Nirendra Kumar

    Nirendra Kumar

    Dag siden

    Hey why don’t you Create black panther suit with the claws

  20. JAgames937


    Dag siden

    You guys should make the golden weapons from lego ninjago

  21. Daniel Edelstein

    Daniel Edelstein

    Dag siden

    yo they should get like a investment from like shark tank and then make a full face mask with like 15 sensors and a bunch of small vibrators to detect movement from anywhere like from the feet kind of like the oculus quest 2 sensors and boom you can solve severe blindness!

  22. Ninjakuben


    Dag siden

    Maybe this would be too complicated but... Going down the path of the taser idea combined with one of Michael Reeves videos. You should make a suit that detects like punches or balls or whatever and tases you in certain spots too make your muscles contract and avoid the danger.

  23. Tugzz Council

    Tugzz Council

    Dag siden

    A lot of people had the same idea to help the blind people.. you just need more sensors !this will make you rich ! Ima try to create something like this just to fight blindfolded 😂😂😂

  24. Joshua Goodman

    Joshua Goodman

    Dag siden

    Dude dude dude dude... My Dudes... That's no blast cannon! THAT'S A FREAKIN' ROCKET MOTOR! TOOOOO THE MOON, BABY!!!

  25. Angery Potato

    Angery Potato

    Dag siden

    The irl PowderKegs

  26. Dawson Zelnik

    Dawson Zelnik

    Dag siden

    You should make another one and aim it at the other and then shoot them at each other at the same time

  27. Christian McMahon

    Christian McMahon

    Dag siden

    Can’t believe we are watching dudes literally become superhero’s

  28. Joachim M

    Joachim M

    Dag siden

    Potatoe cannon without potatoes 🥔? 😁

  29. artifice celeste

    artifice celeste

    Dag siden

    y como dije.. sin piernas es otro tractor mas..

  30. Melissa Harris

    Melissa Harris

    Dag siden

    In the MCU the Winter Soldier's bionic arm is canoniclly made of titanium; which, scientifically makes sense because titanium alloys are used in medical implants are strong and lightweight and very durable. They way they make the prosthetic sleeve's worn by Sebastian Stan and his stunt double is by taking a life cast of the actors arm.

  31. Kheir112


    Dag siden

    There are, much bigger noise makers in existence. You seem cool, but you just reinvented the "hail cannon" AKA, a "Vortex Cannon." A little more research in the future might be a good idea. No insult intended, but I am personally waiting (as all of us have been for more than two years now) for you guys to finish the "Aliens Power Loader" and actually use it. I know it's an extremely expensive and complex project, but it does seem like you guys are dragging your feet, so to speak on getting it finished. fishing for views maybe? Can't really blame you for that, but... You do realize, that after it's done, it's going to be a very popular attraction everywhere it goes. Cat knows this, that's why they sponsored/donated parts of it. So please finish it up, so we can see it working, and then you can play. Cool videos in any cases guys.

  32. Maggie Gu

    Maggie Gu

    Dag siden

    You should try with the 4000 Plasma Lightsaber

  33. SSSPxConcave608


    Dag siden

    I saw that rick roll lol

  34. Adrian Baglien

    Adrian Baglien

    Dag siden

    I want to join your team in real life

  35. Ernesto Marrero

    Ernesto Marrero

    Dag siden

    Yall made a very inefficient and rudimentary rocket engine.

  36. Fionn Gallagher

    Fionn Gallagher

    Dag siden

    Now your audio will be used by all the movies 🎥 🍿

  37. Gamer Charmenderpokebal

    Gamer Charmenderpokebal

    Dag siden

    Oo I have a idea how about y’all try making a bullet proof vest that can stop a 50 cal round and if you manage to do that that won’t kill a human maybe the army might like it

  38. in2legos


    Dag siden

    have this pitch against smarter every days' machine mounted with stuff made heres' bat.

  39. Dudkipl


    Dag siden

    14:58 it sounded like a warp drive

  40. Star Killer

    Star Killer

    Dag siden

    you can build a tesla coil in this staff and then it can shots lightnings

  41. M Bennett

    M Bennett

    Dag siden

    What college is the son of Zeus

  42. Krkm stylie

    Krkm stylie

    Dag siden

    Poor he's mom!

  43. Brandon Fawcett

    Brandon Fawcett

    Dag siden

    you need to make some metal disks for this and test it on ballistic jelly

  44. Leon Schenk der Geist

    Leon Schenk der Geist

    Dag siden

    Sorry but your a bad blood

  45. Krkm stylie

    Krkm stylie

    Dag siden

    He looks like half Chris even + tom hardy wow amazing work

  46. Elliot Bllard

    Elliot Bllard

    Dag siden

    Make Ronans hammer please that would be awesome

  47. One Sad Tech

    One Sad Tech

    Dag siden

    Super cool build! Would love to see if you could create a more focused human-held version that could push stuff from a bit of distance. 🤔🔥

  48. artifice celeste

    artifice celeste

    Dag siden

    Sin piernas es solo otro tractor mas..

  49. Nyx Aerospace

    Nyx Aerospace

    Dag siden

    2:43 description of challenger

  50. Tony Orozco

    Tony Orozco

    Dag siden

    Do you sell it

  51. Daniel Nicholson

    Daniel Nicholson

    Dag siden

    You should make electric whips

  52. Phillip


    Dag siden

    Video starts a 8 mins

  53. U H

    U H

    Dag siden

    Why u didn’t just put it on top of your head

  54. The King

    The King

    Dag siden

    that is another world record

  55. Calextrix


    Dag siden

    It’s actually not a perpetual energy machine because it’s shown in the background of the scene where Obediah yells at the head scientist there is tons of palladium in the background and iron man had to switch out the palladium in his suits before upgrading to whatever the new element is which I also assume he swaps out every now and then

  56. Anarchy !

    Anarchy !

    Dag siden

    6:26 so you basically made a mini ramjet engine, nice

  57. your wife's boyfriend

    your wife's boyfriend

    Dag siden

    with a nozzle that small...ure literally on the edge of just making a bomb....

  58. Midnight gameing

    Midnight gameing

    Dag siden

    I like this guy

  59. Vitor De Carvalho Borges

    Vitor De Carvalho Borges

    Dag siden

    Splatoon 2

  60. TheNateMonster


    Dag siden

    I guarantee you somebody is going to hire these guys to make black-market weapons

  61. Nikola Kovacevic

    Nikola Kovacevic

    Dag siden

    You can make a wartex canon out of it

  62. LOKI123ification


    Dag siden

    You missed the chance to convert the pressure into impulse. Look up for "laval nozzle". Basically you are doing engineering on a rocket engine, not a plasma gun.

  63. Srungavarapu Sumanth

    Srungavarapu Sumanth

    Dag siden

    Bogdan is like a constantly smiling happy kiddo for all of the video

  64. Insane Mang

    Insane Mang

    Dag siden

    Now do this but with pressurized tanks and tubing with a steel shell to withstand the abuse

  65. Dragon stripes

    Dragon stripes

    Dag siden

    The police and the military “GET HIM HE IS ARMED” the hack Smith “umm what oh”

  66. Enigma Slays

    Enigma Slays

    Dag siden

    Looks like a rocket propulsion to me. 😂 idk why. If you fire it up vertically, would it lift off? 😆😅😅

  67. # help finley save scrappy-Doo #

    # help finley save scrappy-Doo #

    Dag siden

    may the force be with you

  68. Niamh Quinn

    Niamh Quinn

    Dag siden

    It baffles me how these guys are able to do stuff like this straight out of college I hardly know how to use a screwdriver and I've been studying engineering for 2 years



    Dag siden

    You should make falcon wings and siut from infinty war



      Dag siden


  70. gustavo drummond

    gustavo drummond

    Dag siden


  71. God Gox

    God Gox

    Dag siden

    can you shoot the nerf bullet at an angle to the lightsaber and see if it burns? this might allow more time and heat transfer to happen

  72. Grass


    Dag siden

    You can tell The Hacksmith definitely got an A+ in his science class.

  73. Geometry Gamer

    Geometry Gamer

    Dag siden

    where is our og boy im not up to date

  74. Don Comedia

    Don Comedia

    Dag siden

    Finally,a weapon that can kill and cook at the same time

  75. Stefan Helmert

    Stefan Helmert

    Dag siden

    try elecrolysis

  76. Tcrumpen


    Dag siden

    If i recall my physics correctly if a thinner spool of cooper wire was used and a more tightly wound coil was done could that improve the speed of the eventual projectile?