Vitenskap og teknologi


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0:00 Teaser
0:16 Intro & Recap
1:56 Wrapping the Board & Assembly
2:50 Installing New Speed Controllers
3:16 How Will We Power The Board?
4:14 Hovering Test
4:52 How To Get Started With Engineering!
5:55 Jimmy Has A Solution!
6:50 Making Sure Things Don't Go Boom.
8:16 4th Hover Test - Will It Succeed?
9:51 Cooking Eggs On A Super Hot Motor
10:20 The Finished Board & Installing The Floor
10:40 The Final Test
12:56 Outro
After Dark by PYLOT
Licensed from Monstercat ►
Time Spender by F.O.O.L
Licensed from Monstercat ►
Curious Cat by Cinema Life
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
Horse Power by F.O.O.L & Tokyo Rose
Licensed from Monstercat ►
She by F.O.O.L
Licensed from Monstercat ►
Caine by PYLOT
Licensed from Monstercat ►
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  1. Notchunky !!

    Notchunky !!

    Time siden

    if you could find a way to turn them, u could maybe go forward?

  2. The Boyz Gaming

    The Boyz Gaming

    2 timer siden

    Government: dang this guy is good

  3. Winsome chap

    Winsome chap

    8 timer siden

    Okay but how do we use it on the earth

  4. Kakashi Inagawa-kai

    Kakashi Inagawa-kai

    Dag siden

    Its so amazing to see two beautiful souls come together to work and make something totally radical. wonderful channel, This is america and we need to start sharing knowledge and sharing past experiences with each other. no matter what race or culture you are from. love your channel guys keep up the multicultural hiring. This is america the land where dreams come true. Even if you come from a poor class of neighborhood you can still make it big with hard work and determination!!! =)

  5. SEO Uploders

    SEO Uploders

    Dag siden

    That's pretty cool and amazing I also want a real hoverboard

  6. yohannes solomon

    yohannes solomon

    Dag siden

    u guys are insane, keep it up

  7. anime abdi

    anime abdi

    Dag siden

    There was a time hoverboard were so popular and expensive and know I can just get it for 50 dollars

  8. Pranav Sankpal

    Pranav Sankpal

    Dag siden

    Can you try making hoverboard using ultrasonic levitation

  9. Jay James

    Jay James

    Dag siden

    Good effort. But look, it needs to hover 6 inches off the ground, work over any surface even water, and have built in stability. (thx).

  10. KV Domestic

    KV Domestic

    2 dager siden

    Mask wankers 🐑🐑🐑🐑

  11. M M

    M M

    2 dager siden

    I would make bigger magnet plates much stronger . but you need really good melting those quality magnet metal

  12. Mason Combs

    Mason Combs

    2 dager siden

    Wait how big where the disk that the magnets are in?

  13. Amair Miller

    Amair Miller

    2 dager siden

    I cannot get the vehicle Cole it's please send me it

  14. Claire Habito

    Claire Habito

    2 dager siden

    I wish it can go higher and higher

  15. Claire Habito

    Claire Habito

    2 dager siden


  16. Sherry Errett

    Sherry Errett

    2 dager siden

    Jk it was only 8

  17. Adrian


    2 dager siden

    We need a bike now

  18. King Williams

    King Williams

    3 dager siden

    I remember when u made the baterang

  19. Barış Başar YAŞA

    Barış Başar YAŞA

    3 dager siden

    11:18 He is right!

  20. Hudson Pirtle

    Hudson Pirtle

    3 dager siden

    So now the only problem is to make the ground out of metal



    3 dager siden

    Can you do a little more up I sky

  22. Jacob Savala

    Jacob Savala

    3 dager siden

    It so simple I new what happened when it blew it couldn't handle the resistance Any capacitors on that thing Good work kids

  23. liz jones

    liz jones

    3 dager siden

    What about you make a second hover board except with tiny shockwaves on the bottom syncing at the same time when its on the ground Well..... On the air

  24. Darth Nooby

    Darth Nooby

    3 dager siden

    Make a machine that can cut hair

  25. Kamla Basera

    Kamla Basera

    3 dager siden

    Instead of magnets , can you use sound/bass to do this in a smaller prototype

  26. Azim


    4 dager siden

    You like fad thor

  27. JackProductions2018


    4 dager siden

    Here we are, the future lie at our feet

  28. Preston Ammons

    Preston Ammons

    4 dager siden


  29. -GM-fábioFF


    5 dager siden

    Muito legal

  30. Nero Ren

    Nero Ren

    5 dager siden

    Nice work jimmy neutron

  31. JD WX

    JD WX

    5 dager siden

    Hoverboard mc fly

  32. Achilles palomar

    Achilles palomar

    5 dager siden


  33. Skyler Witham

    Skyler Witham

    6 dager siden

    I feel bad for jimmy

  34. クリスChris


    7 dager siden

    Ole dudes wearing makeup...but forgot to comb your hair and knock that beard down a little

  35. KaB_ hi

    KaB_ hi

    7 dager siden

    Hey can u make the force where u can push somone

  36. 5C_Nicholas Wijaya

    5C_Nicholas Wijaya

    7 dager siden

    3031 be like : Hi guys im building a floating island

  37. Augusto Loos

    Augusto Loos

    8 dager siden

    Este mundo va a terminar mal con tus pendejadas y payasadas

  38. Shivam Paix

    Shivam Paix

    8 dager siden

    What if we interchange the board and the floor Put those motors under the floor and the metal hoverboard alone will it work??

  39. Linda Jackson

    Linda Jackson

    8 dager siden

    Magnetic proportion right ? Magnets against a metal floor ? Does it work outside? Didn't watch

  40. Elif Naz Çiçek

    Elif Naz Çiçek

    8 dager siden

    It look likes the ones in subway surf

  41. Mega Linda

    Mega Linda

    8 dager siden

    Your the man Jimmy

  42. mr animator

    mr animator

    8 dager siden

    now can it go on water?

  43. mr animator

    mr animator

    8 dager siden

    yall shold just go around useing the hover bored outside

  44. mr animator

    mr animator

    8 dager siden


  45. mr animator

    mr animator

    8 dager siden


  46. mr animator

    mr animator

    8 dager siden

    0:55 HEUGH

  47. Wasif Hassan

    Wasif Hassan

    9 dager siden

    Senku irl

  48. Matthew Haigh

    Matthew Haigh

    9 dager siden

    You should be so proud of your self

  49. Sean T

    Sean T

    9 dager siden

    Would’ve been dope if you all were as coordinated as you are smart, as to demo the hoverboard more effectively

  50. Jet Luke Langley

    Jet Luke Langley

    9 dager siden

    Making real land speeder

  51. JJ Acevedo

    JJ Acevedo

    10 dager siden

    Imagine if they decided to make it much bigger 🛸 👽

  52. Pedro Guerra

    Pedro Guerra

    10 dager siden

    6 anos depois do previsto

  53. Lyn


    10 dager siden

    2015 is the future

  54. Dev


    10 dager siden

    Try it over water once. The water won't heat quickly it may work better

  55. Leonardo Arguello

    Leonardo Arguello

    10 dager siden

    Está muy lejos la tecnológia de back to future

  56. animasi n.a 99

    animasi n.a 99

    10 dager siden

    now you can create a flying car

    • Manliest Drill

      Manliest Drill

      8 dager siden

      Not really flying more like sliding around 12 mm off the ground

  57. juan ocampo

    juan ocampo

    10 dager siden

    Finalmente lo consiguieron

  58. Viewer617


    10 dager siden

    Lots of excuses

  59. Vector Morley

    Vector Morley

    11 dager siden

    Next target, make it smaller

  60. Flasky !

    Flasky !

    11 dager siden

    Где русские

  61. Xplosion Gamer

    Xplosion Gamer

    11 dager siden

    It would be better if it were hovering a little higher. Just my opinion

  62. Vijayachandran Karat

    Vijayachandran Karat

    11 dager siden

    I made my self a hoverboard and it actually hovers, not joking but it's out of cardboard and some pipes to get it working

  63. VictorAlejandro Rodriguez

    VictorAlejandro Rodriguez

    11 dager siden

    this is going to impact roller coasters a lot

  64. Jayme Rubio

    Jayme Rubio

    11 dager siden

    I have no idea how to get in

  65. Rachel Ballenger

    Rachel Ballenger

    11 dager siden

    Booooooo Jimmy

  66. Nicole Siddall

    Nicole Siddall

    12 dager siden

    Great. Congratulations

  67. not your dad

    not your dad

    12 dager siden

    What shoes are these, 10:37

  68. BendyChannel


    12 dager siden

    One day there gonna become superhero’s fighting crime with all there machines in the future they gonna be... I don’t know I’m not good with names

  69. shaquille


    12 dager siden

    I wish it is for everyone

  70. James Vaini

    James Vaini

    12 dager siden

    when they get on it and ride it around like a roller coaster hahahahahahahhaha

  71. Argonautix-


    12 dager siden

    Should get Tony Hawk to try the board and see if he can skate it

    • mr animator

      mr animator

      8 dager siden


  72. Charlie Leighton

    Charlie Leighton

    12 dager siden

    Make a track for it

  73. Victor Quezada

    Victor Quezada

    12 dager siden

    I remember when you have a few hundred thousand subs

  74. Shainy Peter

    Shainy Peter

    12 dager siden

    Can you make a hover car like this with him

  75. Ody Dashilva

    Ody Dashilva

    12 dager siden

    Salah satu alat yang akan memulai perubahan kemasa depan

  76. Beinerth Chitiva Machado

    Beinerth Chitiva Machado

    12 dager siden


  77. MenTalWolf Games

    MenTalWolf Games

    12 dager siden

    you should make hover shoes

  78. Non participant Breakdown

    Non participant Breakdown

    12 dager siden

    Dear phone company I know your responsible for hacking my phone I know it’s not the cia I’m not gonna get delusional because you are a very bad big brother

  79. Sarang Ambalakkat

    Sarang Ambalakkat

    13 dager siden

    Someone please give these people government funding.

  80. keith malone

    keith malone

    13 dager siden

    imagine the things that could happen if they teamed up with elon musk😳

  81. sam stivers

    sam stivers

    13 dager siden

    Should make the codm snowboard

  82. Trash Enthusiast

    Trash Enthusiast

    13 dager siden

    Will you continue development on this technology? The future needs hoverboards.

  83. jesse rogers

    jesse rogers

    13 dager siden

    Ya know if ya put wheels on that it would work so much better

  84. Lociko Qisu

    Lociko Qisu

    13 dager siden

    Imagine being able to make a convection current thats acting like an invisible, untouchable wheel underneath the hoverboard.

  85. Cloud so2

    Cloud so2

    13 dager siden

    That's so cool

  86. EzekielHound


    13 dager siden

    You should make a mini DeLorean

  87. Sage Patterson

    Sage Patterson

    14 dager siden

    find a way to make it go higher

  88. ちずきたなか


    14 dager siden

    Imagine a skating rink like this!

  89. Ali POLA

    Ali POLA

    14 dager siden

    Electric jet engine?

  90. Dj diyan

    Dj diyan

    15 dager siden

    really doesn't even hover that much

  91. PlKingKubaPl


    15 dager siden

    Now that you guys know how to build one when can we buy them at wallmart?

  92. Samsung J

    Samsung J

    15 dager siden


  93. Samsung J

    Samsung J

    15 dager siden


  94. 益jøsh


    15 dager siden

    I'd buy that and all my neighbors looks at me

  95. JIMMY X


    15 dager siden

    Zapata is a real hoveboard take concept from it .u may be make real hoverboard one day with 1 ft heught from the ground

  96. Magesh


    15 dager siden

    Bro put like silver surfer test it

  97. LyonGamer34


    15 dager siden

    Wow this is actually so amazing I think you should consider improving this (make it quieter) but wow definitely continue this project

  98. Ruth Gomezq

    Ruth Gomezq

    15 dager siden

    Send me king Kong’s ex from the trailer

  99. Verified X

    Verified X

    15 dager siden

    Bro THEESE guys are going to change the world

  100. the weirdguy

    the weirdguy

    15 dager siden

    at 6:00 to the end of the whole chapter you can see he is high on Red Bull