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JET ENGINE CANOE! (World's Fastest!)

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We put two jet engines on the back of our canoe. Then we took it out for a rip der bud.
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0:00 Teaser
0:25 Intro
1:00 You need two things
1:25 Build time!
3:47 Learn How To Make DIY Projects!
5:07 Mounting jets
6:36 Test fire!
7:12 First test on water
8:26 Building the keels
11:15 Canadian Pride
11:33 The final test
13:40 Outro
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  1. digital subliminal messages

    digital subliminal messages

    2 dager siden

    S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S Side mount, two of em / / its about the boat I'm building / itz gonna have two v-16 Cadillac engines (1000hp)/ / / ... there was a fight about that boat / .not a big deal / // thd cad-16's would've been a hook up from "GM"/ they don't sale those engines / // but really ig was a big issue // ... no not exactly like this / ..but yeah ,...almost all of it / from.tgd hull , to the engine// // no thd old man is usually happy to see me// ... hey let's make a table lamp / with phone charger/ /

  2. Krishna Sujith

    Krishna Sujith

    8 dager siden

    Dom in his Charger that does wheelies: Am I joke to you?

  3. Petio Ivanov

    Petio Ivanov

    9 dager siden

    could have just wore the jet pack and a seatbelt to the canoe 😂. Love your creations though! KW represent!

  4. lorabenz


    10 dager siden

    waterjet canoe

  5. Saberwulfy


    12 dager siden

    I think the problem is center of thrust, you need to pitch up your COT, any attemps for use wings will create more drag and more weight. Your are pushing water instead slide on it.

  6. Vapidzero


    14 dager siden

    Am I the only who is thinking putting couple of wing at that canoe :D?

  7. A.P Pranav

    A.P Pranav

    14 dager siden

    Great job

  8. Justin Case

    Justin Case

    15 dager siden

    Now, if you just had a planing hull instead of the canoe's displacement hull... Perhaps a windsurfing short board...

  9. Kevin Haddock

    Kevin Haddock

    16 dager siden

    canoe hull is made for displacement which you're trying to push it past that speed. You needed a planning hull like a skiff. Also maybe try directing the exhaust into a "Y" pipe under the boat so it hits a stream of water and accelerates it out the back

  10. jarrod foret

    jarrod foret

    21 dag siden

    Transfer the weight further farward

  11. mr W

    mr W

    22 dager siden

    You should put a hydrofoil on it

  12. Tom Vandernoll

    Tom Vandernoll

    22 dager siden


  13. Invoice0001


    23 dager siden

    9:30 weight in the front doods!

  14. Austin Selman

    Austin Selman

    25 dager siden

    Shouldve put him in front of canoe to make it plane out lol

  15. Gort Newton

    Gort Newton

    25 dager siden

    Canadian's every-day driver.

  16. antoine1998


    26 dager siden

    put foils on this thing

  17. JMax 01

    JMax 01

    29 dager siden

    You guys are very intellient people, its shocking to me, that you dont understand center of gravity or weight and balance. In other words, you just needed to sit more forward in the canoe.

  18. LinH


    Måned siden

    I sooooooo cracked more...

  19. Jerry Vandiver

    Jerry Vandiver

    Måned siden

    Insane. But I do envy your workshop. Would love to have that.

  20. L T

    L T

    Måned siden

    That's sick, but definitely not as fast as those little diesel powered boats in Thailand.

  21. TheSagerider


    Måned siden

    That thing you have on your head makes you look like Princes Leia from Star Wars.

  22. Jack Jordan

    Jack Jordan

    Måned siden

    So stupid I love it

  23. Lord _ Scrubington

    Lord _ Scrubington

    Måned siden

    huge drag, very inefficient design. To get maximum speed, use a hydrofoil. please.

  24. Nathaniel Bradford

    Nathaniel Bradford

    Måned siden

    Simple solution... put someone in front of canoe

  25. Tom Miano

    Tom Miano

    Måned siden

    Why didn't they put an extra 100lbs in the bow? It would have kept the nose down.

    • Tom Miano

      Tom Miano

      Måned siden

      @Mark Downe ok, let's look at that possibility. A regular canoe can carry 2 adult people, let's say ones a man that can weigh 190 lbs, and a woman that weighs 110 lbs, that's 300 lbs. Plus equipment and supplies let's call it 500 lbs MAX. I think that canoe could definitely carry an extra 100 lbs in the bow with out it sinking. Those jets can be fun!

    • Mark Downe

      Mark Downe

      Måned siden

      i was thinking the same like, why not just use some ballast in the bow(unless adding it would make the whole thing overweight)

  26. Gaming Corp.

    Gaming Corp.

    Måned siden

    Dude why aren’t u working for the military yet

  27. cp rebooted

    cp rebooted

    Måned siden

    Hacksmith: we need more ideas for videos *Slaps jet engine on random object* Hacksmith:stonks

  28. Laren Patterson

    Laren Patterson

    Måned siden

    Try making a jet engine surfboard 🏄

  29. David Neaves

    David Neaves

    Måned siden

    its called a wind turbine thruster

  30. David Neaves

    David Neaves

    Måned siden

    stop calling it a jet engine

  31. supercalebman 09

    supercalebman 09

    Måned siden

    Wow Crazy , I Would Love To Have That Canoe On The New River ✝️🇺🇸🛶🎣.

  32. Jeff B

    Jeff B

    Måned siden

    That guy fishing was like.... Wtf m8

  33. Eli Solomon

    Eli Solomon

    Måned siden

    Jet powered surfboard

  34. isi_ko404


    Måned siden

    Idea: Maby a canoe on Fois?

  35. Robert Cuillo

    Robert Cuillo

    Måned siden

    Wow that is truly awesome. But how much fuel does it require to run that?

  36. I


    Måned siden

    No one: Hacksmith industries: haha conoe go brrrrrr

  37. greggv8


    Måned siden

    Needs some small upward angled planes at the rear sides so that as the canoe moves forward the rear is prevented from pushing down. It also needs a rudder at the stern for direction control.

  38. Ruben Olthuis

    Ruben Olthuis

    Måned siden

    Underwater motorcycle?

  39. Garrick Stokes

    Garrick Stokes

    Måned siden

    19th century solutions? Did nobody try a couple of bags of lead shot in the bow of the canoe?

  40. Kami Nelson

    Kami Nelson

    Måned siden

    Doing Florida things in Canada, with blacksmith industries

  41. J Hawk

    J Hawk

    Måned siden

    I wamt to see a jet kayak !

  42. Always imp

    Always imp

    Måned siden

    they needed weight in the front to balance the conuout

  43. Ulmaramlu


    Måned siden

    why not just put the fuel tank in the front? help weight it down for a whil?

  44. Kye


    Måned siden

    the metal pieces on the front block the intake you should try moving them forward a little.

  45. Jeremy Francis

    Jeremy Francis

    Måned siden

    It seriously looks like something from a looney tunes cartoon!!🤣🤣

  46. Nic Jansen

    Nic Jansen

    Måned siden

    Guess you need a wider butt to be able to efficiently hydroplane... Due to your speed, pressure builds underneath and your bow is raised as a result. With a hull shaped for hydroplaning you'd be lifted higher on the water and the bow comes back down a bit, reducing drag. However, this shape builds up no pressure at the back, meaning your back won't come out of the water no matter your speed and angle so you're unable to efficiently hydroplane. Try the hull of a sailing dinghy like a "Laser Vago", and you'll see much better results



    Måned siden

    Put the hets on the kayak

  48. joem


    Måned siden

    ill give you 20 bucks for it

  49. 1x_RJ_x1


    Måned siden

    Make a submarine

  50. Mark Brizzi

    Mark Brizzi

    Måned siden

    You can make a jet powerd canoe, but can you make a jet powerd jet?

  51. Clinton Oberholster

    Clinton Oberholster

    Måned siden

    Hydrofoils on the canoe!

  52. Matthew Grime

    Matthew Grime

    Måned siden

    Breaking the sound barrier on water

  53. Matthew Grime

    Matthew Grime

    Måned siden


  54. Trevor Zambon

    Trevor Zambon

    Måned siden

    Make the handle longer and sit more towards the front

  55. Mason’s Casual account

    Mason’s Casual account

    Måned siden

    Muri... Canada!!!!

  56. Anhingathing


    Måned siden

    Some US military general: ‘Hmm, Mr President, we need an aircraft carrier with 2,000 of these engines on the back, but keep the nuclear-powered turbine so we can go ultra fast

  57. Dylan Amm

    Dylan Amm

    Måned siden

    9:15 skeg

  58. Requiem 11

    Requiem 11

    Måned siden

    That’s basically a glorified speed boat

  59. Insanegame27


    Måned siden

    The pontoons had a negative angle of incidence, if their nose was lifted to maybe 25-30 degrees, they might work as intended

  60. lotkj asdfh

    lotkj asdfh

    Måned siden

    jet engines are not stressful i know

  61. ChrisMcRat


    Måned siden

    10:25 graphite... 😜

  62. Eerik Helander

    Eerik Helander

    Måned siden

    I have a canoe...

  63. Blackspider 2000

    Blackspider 2000

    Måned siden

    Why does Ian sound so much like Banner?

  64. Gaming 4 Unlimited Lives

    Gaming 4 Unlimited Lives

    Måned siden

    Super relaxing right totally normal

  65. Niemand! lol

    Niemand! lol

    Måned siden

    Where you guys got so many money from? 😂

  66. Wanna be Retro

    Wanna be Retro

    Måned siden

    Personally I would put a bigger fuel tank in at the front to weigh it down

  67. Marty Burgess

    Marty Burgess

    Måned siden

    A hydrofoil system would've been better

  68. angel alberto belmonte torres

    angel alberto belmonte torres

    Måned siden


  69. crushthis123


    Måned siden

    Trim the motors

  70. crushthis123


    Måned siden

    All the nice stuff but you need to sit up further

  71. Davide Busato

    Davide Busato

    Måned siden

    the fact I recognized an analogue modem makes me feel old...

  72. Ungifted Gamer

    Ungifted Gamer

    Måned siden

    Jet Powered Hover Craft Please! :D



    Måned siden

    Next time the canoe has to fly!

  74. H/A


    Måned siden

    Can you guys make an electric boat

  75. KING TUT


    Måned siden

    yahoo here we go

  76. Pavle Rackov

    Pavle Rackov

    Måned siden

    Kyrie Irving

  77. craigkarenmathew


    Måned siden

    A canoe is not a planing hull it doesn't matter how much power you give it wont plane

  78. the fire 226

    the fire 226

    Måned siden

    what about the pontoons the final test didn't have them on?

  79. alex funk

    alex funk

    Måned siden

    What would happen if you put fuel in the front so you weren’t finding around so back heavy

  80. Rob Mangeri

    Rob Mangeri

    Måned siden

    I have no criticism to offer people like this except you need to start having kids Hacksmith so the world gets more interesting over time 😎👍🏼

  81. Quarzonu 87

    Quarzonu 87

    Måned siden

    Just in case you forgot the hack smith was Canadian...

  82. CME Gordy

    CME Gordy

    Måned siden

    I figure it might be able to go faster if the jet used on the surf board was used though 2 of them would do better but by placing the jet in the middle of the craft at the stern could increase stability and allow for steering might even allow them to get more speed by getting more efficiency from the thrust of the engine and reduce the noise made by the craft.

  83. Connor MacDonald

    Connor MacDonald

    Måned siden

    Wouldn't those front plates on the jets block the air intakes?

  84. Samuel Faed

    Samuel Faed

    Måned siden

    eletric or jet foiling surf boad

  85. Cooper Trooper gaming

    Cooper Trooper gaming

    Måned siden

    9:32 hydrodynamics 11:53 hydrodynamics

  86. Drew Gia

    Drew Gia

    Måned siden

    We need another video with that fixed please

  87. Drew Gia

    Drew Gia

    Måned siden

    I'm sure a million people have said it already the simplest solution is put a battery or that big rock in the front of the kayak and/or make a longer handle and sit a a couple feet forward.

  88. Drew Gia

    Drew Gia

    Måned siden

    My goodness its frustrating, it's so close to working awesome, with such simple solutions could of made this thing perform so much better

  89. man man

    man man

    Måned siden

    Pencils actually contain graphite. However, if you can melt it, it means that it actually is lead and it means it's toxic and you should properly dispose while not contaminating nature in the proces.

  90. Paweł Kurek

    Paweł Kurek

    Måned siden

    Maybe just put some weight in the front of the boat, or move the man a little bit further and extend controlls, maybe just something like stearing for RC cars.

  91. J.B


    Måned siden


  92. BestVidz YouTube

    BestVidz YouTube

    Måned siden

    You could’ve just added a longer steering bar and sat in the middle of the canoe...

  93. Nolan Henley

    Nolan Henley

    Måned siden

    Look up a stick drive bass boat. you need something similar to this to get forward in the boat. could also include throttle on the stick.

  94. Kevin Olver

    Kevin Olver

    Måned siden

    You should try turning it into a HYDROFOIL!

  95. Originale


    Måned siden

    Me creating a 2stroke 50cc rc car Hacksmith: Hold my beer

  96. alex koutras

    alex koutras

    Måned siden

    Even a yard could have thought of sand bags in the front y’all dumb as hell tbh

  97. geht dich nix an

    geht dich nix an

    Måned siden

    why not build a oppressor mk2 from gta v online ^^

  98. Tumbleweed01


    Måned siden

    hydrofoil hydrofoil hydrofoil hydrofoil....jet powered of course.

  99. Michael Mielke

    Michael Mielke

    Måned siden

    You should make a pulse check canoe like if you agree

  100. Mark Stol

    Mark Stol

    Måned siden

    They literally could have just increased the length of the steering handle