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0:00 Intro
0:21 James Calls Out Elon Musk
1:17 Build Intro
2:41 What Is Iron Mans Gauntlet Anyway?
3:31 James Talks High Powered Lasers
4:57 How To Win The Iron Man Helmet
5:50 Bogdan Designs The PCB
7:44 James Assembles The Cooling System
10:13 The Gauntlet Arrives
11:08 Final Assembly
13:24 The Finished Product
13:54 Testing The Gauntlet
17:18 Outro
Jump Jive And Sing The Elvis Schoenbergs Orchestra
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
Thunder by Blakewolf
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
Sirens by Your Neighbors
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
I’m Gonna Fly by Todd Herfindal
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
Defending The Future by Kelty Woods
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
Spaghetti And Rock N Roll by Your Neighbors
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
Lift Me Higher by Bamtone
Licensed from Triple Scoop Music ►
Video Review / Collaboration ►
Video Editing ► Adobe Premiere
CAD ► Solidworks
CAM ► Autodesk HSM
Highspeed Cam - Chronos 1.4 ►
Main shooter - Panasonic GH5s ►
Phone - Samsung S10 ►
Camcorder - Sony Handycam ►
Action Cam - GoPro ►
Steadicam - Removu K1 ►
Main mic - Sennheiser ►
Bendy Tripod ►
Main Tripods - old second hand Manfrotto tripods no longer sold.
Studio Light - Luxli ►
CNC Waterjet Cutter ►
CNC Plasma Cutter ►
3d Printers ►
CNC Mill ►
CNC Lathe ►
Laser Cutter - Gweike LG900N 80W ►
3d Scanner ►
Drills, drivers, grinders, saws, etc ►
Mig Welder ►
Tig Welder ►
Quiet Air Compressor ►
Desktop PC ►
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